"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein

From the first time I held a Brownie camera I knew I was holding magic in my hands.  The family photographic historian, the elicitor of smiles, the candid moment capturer.  It created the opportunity to harness my creativity and energy in a way that left all feeling better about the experience…myself included.

After graduation from Hallmark Institute of Photography, I embarked on a multi-pathed photography, publishing, and non-profit career only to return to my photographic passion full-time.  Digital photography and post-processing capabilities fuel my passion for this art form and each new dawn as it emerges holds the promise of more opportunities to explore the world.

Specializing in wildlife, avian, landscape and real estate photography, I currently advise  students on appropriate camera selection, how to start with digital photography, and the best way to capture that special image. I also offer  instruction in  post-processing utilizing  Adobe Creative Products.  My work has received recognition and awards and been  displayed and exhibited throughout the US.  Most of  my images are available for sale and can be commissioned in  various sizes and mediums. 

If I may be of help with anything, please contact me at 406-839-3953 or lori@thedashjourney.com.